Voter Education & Mobilization

Since Trump became President, we have seen over and over how his administration’s actions have wreaked havoc on all of our lives and our economy. A small but powerful group of people have amassed billions of dollars and unprecedented power and control over our country’s future by telling a story about who is causing harm to everyday working class communities.

We know that these stories are made up; that they’re racist and classist and only serve a small group of people, but these stories are working. Most recently, Trump has spent 3.2M to run racist ads in Western Pennsylvania that target Asian communities, attempting to mobilize millions of people to vote for the right’s agenda.

If we aren’t telling our own stories, then we are letting our enemies tell them for us. Before we begin phone banking Pennsylvania Voters this summer, we will prepare by practicing our own stories. Sharing our stories is a powerful strategy, but it is also one that takes a great deal of courage and vulnerability.

This online workshop is evaluable to anyone who wants to:

  • connect with Pennsylvania voters during our phone banks this summer,
  • build connections across differences to shift voter behavior,
  • take Pennsylvania away from Trump this fall.

To learn more about what we have planned for the 2020 election, and how you can get involved in the work that is both courageous and necessary. Join our call on May 26th from 5:30-7:30pm.

Click Here to Register for the 5.26.20 Call